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Prosumer Index | The Index

Prosumer Index

The Prosumer Index tracks brands and companies that are transforming and reshaping traditional industries. The index consists of 500 of the top global brands that derive revenue from customers who cultivate, co-create and consume their products and services.

The dynamic ecosystem created by prosumer-generated markets is developing new economies that grow at an accelerated pace  We provide the latest insights regarding global issues, trends and opportunities that affect spectrum of the prosumer marketplace.

Niche ETF's | Discover & Explore


Niche ETFs is a data-driven research site that monitors innovative thematic investment trends. Each week, it ranks the current performance of over 230 investment niches that are focused on a variety continually innovating and disruptive markets.

Along with information about the individual strategies, Niche ETFs offers strategic market insights to the global ETF ecosystem the growing impact of niche investing.

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