Lithium Makes Modern Life Possible

Lithium is an essential element in today’s technology that surrounds each of us. Most don’t give a second thought to the critical role it plays in our everyday lives.

Just a few short years ago Lithium was simply thought of as an industrial chemical with limited uses. Now because of its sustainable role in renewable energy, it is one of the most sought after commodities on the market.

Because of lithium’s significant chemical and reactive properties new technologies are constantly emerging that have made it even more promising in new applications and future products. This has created a recent increase in demand for lithium to be used in both mass commercial and industrial volume.

Lithium is Literally Everywhere

Take a look around. Battery-grade lithium is used in almost all portable electronics such as watch batteries, mobile phones, cameras, portable speakers, personal electronics, power tools, flashlights, lawn mowers, as well as larger-scale battery applications like electronic vehicles and off-the-grid energy storage.

In the future, lithium-based products will be even more critical for portable electronics, power storage, automobiles, defense and aerospace. Worldwide lithium resources are continuing Increase production in order to attempt to keep up with the new and emerging technologies.

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